At ExpoVans, we’re obsessed with producing unrivaled van conversions and components for the Ford Transit & E-Series.

Transit 4x4 ConversionFrom our robust 4×4 conversions to our crowning “Liftop” pop top assemblies, and an array of innovative components in between, they’re all cohesively engineered using original CAD vehicle data direct from vehicle manufacturers Ford and Mercedes. Our progressive designs use lightweight yet unyielding materials and deliver unmatched fit/finish/function, while never sacrificing capability, durability, reliability or serviceability.

Whether you’re an individual or family, a tour company or fleet, small or large business, emergency service provider, or government entity, ExpoVans conversions are more than ready to endure decades of rugged abuse in the harshest climates and conditions.


We warmly invite you to explore our website, see how we stand apart from the rest, and contact us today to get started on your journey equipped with an ExpoVans conversion


We are adept engineers, meticulous craftsmen, passionate automotive professionals, and proficient customer service personnel with an unending thirst for exploring our own limitations, and for helping our clients discover theirs.

We are based outside of Portland, Oregon.

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ExpoVans is dedicated to producing unrivaled expedition-ready Transit, E-Series & Sprinter vans and components. The continuity of our build process, from initial concept, to modeling and engineering, through rigorous testing and on to final assembly, has resulted in vehicles ready to weather decades of severe duty…and ones that get you back home soundly.

Our Conversions

With a team energized by boundless wonder, we relish the opportunity to equip you with the “vehicle” to get out and exercise the same. Our van conversions are appointed for the enjoyment and discovery of the vast natural world, whether that is to transport your family to a weekend destination, staff to a job site, or clientele deep into the backcountry.

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