ExpoVans 4×4 conversions are designed and engineered to be simple, robust, and dependable. The last thing anyone wants on expedition is to be broken down in a remote location with a complicated fix requiring unique parts or uncommon tools. Unlike many of the other 4wd converters, we do everything we can to retain unmodified, factory parts in our conversions. If we do need to use custom components, we make sure to arrange large safety margins and overbuild where we can to ensure that the weak link is not the hardest part to source. Throughout our engineering process we use 3D CAD data direct from the vehicle manufacturer in order to design our parts to exacting tolerances and provide a seamless fit on every client van. Additionally, our years of experience in manufacturing provides us with insight in how to design parts for both uncomplicated installation and service. We design in serviceability tool clearances where appropriate and we won’t release a design into production unless it’s been rigorously tested on our own R&D vehicles first. At ExpoVans, we think it’s much more important to have the finest parts on the market rather than rush to simply be the first.


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