Ford E-series 4×4 conversions 


ExpoVans offers coil spring 4×4 conversions for ’92-’14 Ford E-series vans utilizing the proven radius arm suspension and heavy duty Dana 60 front axle from ’05-16 F-series Super Duty trucks. Our ExpoVans 4WD conversion is comprised of the fewest custom parts of any 4×4 conversion on the market and the remaining components are off-the-shelf Ford or aftermarket parts. This makes serviceability extremely easy and any shop familiar with the F-series trucks can work on your 4WD-converted van without hesitation.

We designed and engineered our conversion components to provide very stable handling and unmatched ride characteristics. Suspension geometry is especially important with the radius arm design as the caster (steering axis inclination) changes throughout the suspension travel. Too little caster and the vehicle can become unstable and have a tendency to wander in the lane. We’ve designed in enough caster such that the van retains adequate geometry throughout the suspension travel and tracks straight even on rough roads with minimal driver input. The ride is smooth and comfortable due to the progressive coil springs and Fox shocks.

All of our conversion parts are CAD designed and CNC manufactured to ensure proper fit and superb finish. We powdercoat our parts with a multi-stage process to prevent rust and promote a clean, factory look.

Benefits of our 4WD conversion:

  • Fewest custom parts of any conversion available
  • Straightforward, bolt-on installation, no welding required
  • Service items are all common Ford (or aftermarket) parts from the F-series trucks or the E-series vans
  • When you use a front axle from a 2013 or newer F-series Super Duty truck, you get the largest brakes available (14.29″ rotors)
  • Clearance for up to 35″ tires with no fender trimming
  • Manual or electronic-shift-on-the-fly transfer case
  • Compatible with Advancetrac/RSC (if equipped)
  • Smooth, comfortable ride and stable handling
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ExpoVans E-series interior conversions 

Our interior conversions for the E-Series include the same obsessive attention to detail as found in our 4WD conversion packages. Using only the highest-grade materials and components, we design our interiors to be lightweight, purposeful and enduring. Our 3D CAD-designed modules are also produced using high-tech manufacturing methods to ensure an accurate fit and a long service life. We have multiple seat&bed combinations, our cabinet units have modern designs, and we enjoy working with clients on unique finishes such as counter surfaces, fabrics and colors to help personalize their van.

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ExpoVans Ultimate E-series

With good diesel vans becoming harder and harder to find, we at Expovans are proud to offer our Ultimate E-series Van conversion package. This package combines our 4×4 conversion with one of our 4th Generation 6.7L Cummins engine swaps and a full interior build out. These extensive builds require us to go over every nut & bolt and every square inch of the vehicle in order to create a turn-key, expedition-ready van.

The Ultimate E-series includes:

  • 2010+ Ford E350 Regular or Extended body van (we can source the van for clients and eliminate the headache of searching)
  • 4th Generation 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel and 6-speed transmission (transmission options available including Allison)
  • Expovans coil/radius arm 4×4 conversion
  • Extended range rear mounted fuel tank (up to 55 gallons for EB vans)
  • Complete body-off-frame restoration and reconditioning of chassis and body
  • Underfloor and interior sound deadening and thermal insulation
  • Choose from one of our gorgeous standard interior layouts (upgrades available)
  • Many custom options and accessories can be added on
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