Mercedes Sprinter Conversions


Many of our existing ExpoVans clients have traded their aging vans in for new Mercedes Sprinter 4WD’s. With a turbo diesel engine, multiple wheelbases and roof heights, as well as a factory 4×4 option, the NCV3 chassis is an incredible platform to upfit and build your dream campervan upon. Numerous components specifically engineered for the Sprinter are in development.


scheel-mann & Sienna seating for Sprinter

Looking for the finest seats and seat mounting options available? Seating/flooring specialist Base-Fab has partnered with scheel-mann USA in offering the complete German scheel-mann seat line. scheel-mann has been the worldwide leader in specialty automotive seating since 1966. Their orthopedically-designed seats are engineered and produced in Stuttgart, Germany by a team of expert engineers and craftsmen.

Base-Fab offers front seat adapters (super short, medium or tall) for scheel-mann’s, rear mounts for both scheel-mann’s rear integrated seatbelt seats, and also 2017+ Toyota Sienna recliners/non-recliners (short or tall angled), as well as seat sliders and swivel assemblies for either seat for your NCV3 or T1N Sprinter. (Note; Available May ’18–revised scheel-mann and Sienna rear mounts, both for use with L-track of various widths and/or Unwin seat lockers. scheel-mann prototypes shown below in raw, Sienna production units shown below in black).


Unwin Seat Lockers for Sprinter

We’re honored to be aligned with Base-Fab who is Unwin UK’s N. American partner distributing the Seat Lockers to the USA and Canada. The Unwin Seat Locker is a premium removable(from the L-track) seat fixture, simple, lockable, and engineered to be rattle-free.
– Designed to be easy to use, the actuator of the Unwin Seat Locker ensures a safe and rattle free grip in one single motion and without adjustments.
– Integral safety release catch to stop accidental release of the seat.
– A simple step on the actuator foot locks the seat into the tracking.
– The built-in wheel makes moving heavy seats around quick and easy.
– Finding the correct position inside the track is easy, as the locker is self-locating.
– Fits any L-track (airline track) rail with scallops at one inch (25.4mm) center-to-center.
– Successfully tested to ECE Regulation 14 and EC 76/115 as amended to M1.
– The sleek and discreet profile blends in well with the interior of a modern vehicle and is in stock at ExpoVans in black.
– All ExpoVans rear scheel-mann and Sienna seat mounts have provisions for directly mounting to the Unwin Seat Locker and/or L-track flooring rails.


For more info on our Sprinter seating/flooring products, please contact Base-Fab directly