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scheel-mann & Sienna seating for Transit, E-series & Sprinter

Looking for the finest seats and seat mounting options available? Seek no further. We’ve partnered with scheel-mann USA in offering the complete German scheel-mann seat line. scheel-mann has been the worldwide leader in specialty automotive seating since 1966. Their orthopedically-designed seats are engineered and produced in Stuttgart, Germany by a team of expert engineers and craftsmen. We also offer seat adapters, sliders, and swivel assemblies for the scheel-mann or Toyota Sienna recliners/non-recliners.


ARB Sahara Bumper for E-series

There are not many bumpers to choose from for Ford E-series vans and those that do exist do not fit our requirements for high quality, aesthetics, and toughness. ARB has been in the bumper business for decades and their products are extremely high quality and designed for use in the harshest of conditions. The conundrum is that ARB does not make a bumper for E-series vans.  While perusing ARB’s product line, we noticed similarities between the 2008 F-series trucks and the 2008+ E-series vans. The result, with minor modifications…the ARB Sahara bumper for the trucks can be adapted to fit onto the E-series van. Our adapter bracket bolts on to the van frame and then the ARB bumper bolts on to the adapter. The adapter is laser cut from 3/8″ steel then welded and powder coated. The bumper has an optional lighting kit for integrated fog lights and turn signals as well as an integrated winch mount.


Cummins/Allison bellhousing and torque converter adapters

When it comes to mating the Allison 1000 transmission to a late model 6.7L Cummins engine there are several ways it can be done. Most of the aftermarket diesel conversion companies have gone the route of machined adapter plates and custom flex plates. These adapters allow you to use a GM based Allison 1000 and a Ford starter. The problem with this setup is that the starter placement is just under the turbo, is inaccessible, and prone to overheating. Our approach is different. We retain the stock Cummins bell housing, the stock flex plate, and the original starter located on the left side of the engine with easy access and no potential overheating issues. Our adapter ring bolts directly to the Cummins bell housing and the Allison (with SAE #3 style bell housing) bolts to the adapter. The torque converter ring provides the appropriate spacing and bolt patterns to mate to the flex plate and the nose cone bushing keeps the torque converter centered in the crankshaft recess. Other companies use a mishmash of different manufacturer parts, while ExpoVans uses custom parts designed specifically for mating a Cummins and Allison transmission. 


Ford E-series Slider door extended hinge

When you convert a van to four wheel drive, typically that means you’ll be running larger tires. For vans with a sliding side door this poses a problem. A wider than stock tire can interfere with the door’s ability to slide back and severely limit access via the side door. Our proven solution to this problem has worked for years on our own van and countless customer vans. We modify a stock hinge to push the back of the door away from the body and provide clearance between the door and the wider tire. The hinge works like the original – we’ve only moved the pivot point and lengthened the hinge arm. We have even posted an online tutorial for folks who want to tackle the job themselves. We offer free installation at our facility in Newberg, OR if you order a hinge from ExpoVans.


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