Why Us: What Sets Us Apart


In the current full-size van market, ExpoVans is the only turn-key van builder staffed with proficient engineers and designers who are truly pushing the envelope. A few key factors that set us worlds apart from the other “custom” van shops;
Continuity in our process;

Over the life of your vehicle, the cohesion between design and construction is crucial to the reliability and longevity of components and systems. Vans built in stages between multiple vendors typically experience conflicting methodologies and in many cases, require re-design and re-work. This increases costs, time and frustration without your van, and often leads to an overall inferior result in the end. Alternatively, having a van completed from the ground up in one location by a single professional team eliminates any confusion or misinterpretation of the design intent. Thus, no system is compromised by another previously installed system.

At ExpoVans, we believe that “expedition-ready” vehicles should be produced only by experienced engineers and craftsmen without competing philosophies, timelines, and costs. This is why there is complete continuity in our process, from initial concept, through design and engineering, relentless testing, and on to final assembly.


Supreme innovation when it comes to F/F/F;

Form; Expedition-caliber vehicles designed to take a beating often have heavy underpinnings. Thus, we strive to reduce sprung and un-sprung weight wherever possible in our 4×4 conversions. In our van interiors, you won’t find any wood used as structural materials. Our focus is on lightweight and high-strength materials such as aluminum and composites, while cultivating a modern yet comfortably warm aesthetic.

Fit; We retain OEM/factory parts wherever possible. The OEM’s have gigantic engineering budgets, and while they don’t always hit an ultimate bullseye every time, more often than not they strike the best balance between design, purpose, and strength. The retention of factory parts when possible equates to quick availability in times of a needed repair, as well as any Ford dealer in the world being able to service the vehicle; one detail of many which other custom van shops cannot deliver on.

If we need to resort to custom-made components, we reference original CAD data direct from the vehicle manufacturers in order to design our parts to exacting tolerances, providing an impeccable fit on every van. We make sure to engineer large safety margins and over-build wherever possible to ensure that the weak link is not the hardest part to source. Best of all, our strong commitment to high-quality American manufacturing means that we’re all helping to keep food on the table for fellow American workers.

Moreover, our exclusive module system vastly reduces van production timelines. No waiting 6-18 months for a custom build from when your number-in-line is initially called. Alongside this, project costs are significantly reduced with our module system since there is no need for a one-off custom build requiring excessively specialized shop equipment and personnel at a full-custom labor rate.

Function; Our adventure-ready vans are incredibly capable, uncommonly robust, and highly reliable for the long haul. Our systems and sub-systems are also engineered for serviceability thanks to designed-in accessibility to them, including tool clearance reliefs for those working on the vehicle.


Your vehicle is not our test dummy;

Our components, systems, and van designs are fully vetted on our own R&D vehicles first. If optimizations need to be made, they’re quickly implemented, and testing is undergone again and again until transcendence occurs. The result is the absolute finest systems going to market vs simply being the first to market mediocre parts.


ExpoVans – producing the most advanced expedition-ready vans on, and especially off, the road today